klinikinventar lavet specifikt til jeres behov.

Her ses et udpluk af Climo produktforslag, som kan bruges som forslået eller gøres til skræddersyede arbejdspladser.

  • Climo Perfect3000

    Climo Perfect3000
    Climo spells “the perfect choice” – thanks to our strong and certified quality control. We share your wish to be able to say, “We made the perfect choice” when evaluating your new clinic design.
  • Climo C+

    Climo C+
    The elegant Climo series makes functionality and design go hand in hand.
  • MegaSpace by Skovsgaard

    MegaSpace by Skovsgaard
    By placing everything within easy reach, we make your room larger.
  • Climo Steril

    Climo Steril
    There was a time when all sterilization work took place behind closed doors. The modern dental clinic is characterized by openness, so it makes sense that many today prefer to open up into the sterilization room.
  • Climo receptions

    Climo receptions
    This is where the patient first meets your staff – and where their immediate impression of the clinic is formed.
  • Climo movable cabinets

    Climo movable cabinets
    Climo movable cabinets come in a wide assortment of lines.