clinic fixtures made for your needs.

We have developed a series of Inform modules for customized workspaces.

  • Inform K-series

    Inform K-series
    The Inform Clinic series offers modules for treatment rooms. They are freely combinable according to the needs of your dental clinic.
  • Inform Sterile

    Inform Sterile
    There was a time when all sterilization work took place behind closed doors. The modern dental clinic is characterized by openness, so it makes sense that many today prefer to open up into the sterilization room.
  • Inform receptions

    Inform receptions
    This is where the patient first meets your staff – and where their immediate impression of the clinic is formed.
  • Inform movable cabinets

    Inform movable cabinets
    Inform movable cabinets were designed with a view to flexibility in the clinic while maintaining the superior functionality for which our stationary drawing cabinets are known.