Dentists Nordestgaard & Schmidt

In late 2013 dentists Nordestgaard & Schmidt Bloch moved to new premises in Varde in the west of Jutland.

The clinic design was prepared in collaboration between Nordenta and the dentists, who were full of ideas and thoughts about the interior design.

The entire clinic has a consistently pure and simple style, leaving an exclusive and soothing impression that every detail is consciously planned. All treatment rooms are equipped with the elegant and functional Fazet series – developed in collaboration between Nordenta and Danish Healthcare Design.

Fazet is manufactured by Danish Healthcare Design and traded exclusively by Nordenta. The dentists asked Danish Healthcare Design to design and manufacture a bespoke counter that matches the Fazet concept in style and quality. The overall impression of a modern and stylistically consistent clinic is completed and condensed in the counter – an impression that one year on is absolutely retained and will continue so for many years to come.