Dermatology Centre NORD

Danish Healthcare Design provided the equipment for Dermatology Centre NORD in the new health and community centre in a suburb of Aalborg.

The dermatologists, who moved away from Aalborg’s city centre, had long required more spacious and modern premises.

Dorthe Emborg, owner manager at Emborg Interior Design, was chosen to design the new centre.

"It’s extremely important that the colours make customers and employees feel good, and that the premises are designed in so that they work well every day. We wanted to help people find the dermatology clinic, so normally I’d have the counter/entrance painted in an eye-catching colour, but as red had already been chosen for the waiting room floor, I simply turned things around in this case", says Dorthe Emborg.

The counter was manufactured in pepper-and-salt laminated plastic, according to Dorthe Emborg’s specifications. Dermatology Centre NORD is a busy place, but when entering the place, you’re met by a calming style that encourages relaxation and a feeling of safety.

According to Dorthe Emborg it’s important that the interior design helps create a safe atmosphere to lessen the ‘clinical’ impression.

Dermatology Centre NORD opened on 28 September 2012.