ORIS dentists Smed & Donslund

An unusual decor challenge led to a fantastic result when the ORIS dentists Smed & Donslund opened the doors to their new clinic in the autumn of 2014.

The dentists approached Danish Healthcare Design when they saw an opportunity to move to new modern premises. Many years earlier we had been charged with the interior design of their old premises with which the dentists had been extremely happy.

Their new premises in Viborg, in central Jutland, are close to the new municipal health centre, and consists of reception and staff rooms, six treatment rooms, a sterilization station, changing and washing rooms – a total of 345 square metre. 

Interior designer Bodil Kellermann says about the project’s decor challenge:

"What’s special about this clinic is that only the treatment rooms have windows – that’s why against the hallway we installed glass walls, which we matted to avoid passers-by from looking in. Staff rooms are likewise provided with glass walls to let in daylight, and the sterilization space has no partitioning. The clinic has this rather long hallway area, so in order not to make it appear infinite, we created a patterned flooring that blends the two colours in the lino in a regular jagged configuration, with the light parts facing the treatment rooms and the dark parts facing the waiting room and secondary rooms."

"A striking yellow colour marks the end of the long hallway. To accommodate the dentists’ wish for colourful walls, all the treatment rooms have been given different colours opposite the entrance. The waiting chair in the treatment rooms has matching colours."

"The colours range from violet to blue and green – all dusty colours."

"The waiting room was laid out with single chairs around a table and a sofa set with lounge chairs, the colours in dusty shades of violet and blue. The colours, the choice of furniture and the lighting were all intended to give a nice and soothing impression of a clinic where one feels welcome."