Unique details and products

All our materials, from cabinet bodies to fronts to fittings, are thoroughly tested and have over the years demonstrated the robustness needed to withstand many years’ of wear and tear in the clinic. Our cabinet modules are therefore manufactured using quality melamine with sturdy PVC edges – a combination offering maximum protection against percolation of water.

We fulfil every requirement to the very last detail. At Danish Healthcare Design we use only materials with easy-to-clean surfaces able to resist most used cleaning agents. Having proved their high durability, high-pressure laminate, stainless steel and Corian® composite materials are our most used materials for external surfaces, not least for our drawer inserts.

We offer you unique opportunities for the decor of your clinic cabinets and mobile cabinets according to your requirements. With our wide range of insertable units, you will always find the exact match to your needs.

Our drawer inserts are compatible only with our own cabinets.